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Since 1919 Champion has a solid reputation for providing the highest quality in reciprocating and rotary screw air compressor systems, parts and service. With over 85 years experience in designing and manufacturing air compressor systems, Champion knows and understands the application of our products in many different operating environments.

With over 800 approved Distributors and Service Centers Nationwide, Champion is well represented to sell or service your air compressor system.

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Champion Reciprocating Air Compressors

  • reciprocating1/2 to 30hp / .37 to 22 kW
  • Wide variety of splash and pressure lubricated
  • Available in 50 or 60 HZ
  • Electric, gas, or diesel engine driven

Oil-Less Reciprocating

  • oil-less-reciprocating3/4 to 15 hp  / .56 to 11 kW
  • Single-stage and Two-stage
  • Ideal for health care, laboratories, and electronics manufacturing industries

Climate Control Systems

climate-control-systemThe Champion line of specially-designed climate control compressors represents years of intensive industrial research and testing. We’ve listened to the needs of the end user, and seen the short-comings of our competitors. The result is a line of machines suitable to critical industry demands for value and lasting performance. Features include low operating RPM for longer component life, lower operating temperatures, greater energy efficiency, inlet filter silencers and side-sealer piston rings (on selected models) for lower oil carry over.

Specifications and Features

  • ½ -25 hp
  • 2.2 – 102.5 acfm at 80 psig
  • Up to 175 psig maximum pressure on selected models
  • Tank or Base Mounted, Simplex & Duplex Models
  • Single & Two Stage
  • Air Cooled, Splash Lubricated
  • OSHA Approved Heavy Duty Enclosed Belt Guard
  • Factory filled with ChampLub lubricant

Champion Advantage Series


The Advantage Series is a fully packaged unit with all of the additional accessories customers need included. Advantage series compressors are typically shipped from the factory in 24 hours or less. Compressors are shipped ready to install and operate. Each new assembled unit has a five-year, pro-rated warranty on the compressor pump.

Specifications and Features

  • 5 – 25 hp
  • Maximum Pressure Up to 175 psig
  • 16.5 – 90.1 acfm at 175 psig
  • Two Stage, Splash Lubricated
  • Tank Mounted, Simplex and Duplex Models
  • Vertical or Horizontal Configurations
  • Package comes standard with up to six pre-installed options
  • Factory filled with ChampLub lubricant

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